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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

hows my sem 4 like

Hi ,

Sem 4 just ended and I'm super exhausted with assignments and exams . I think i've struggled enough for this semester even tho shits do come and visited me during finals again, exactly like the previous semester. But what makes it different is that i can now ditch and handle those shits quiet well . Because i've learned from the previous, i swear it wasn't easy but i tried. He said i'm using his love as drugs, i took his when i need and ditched him when i don't need one . Man, u seems to be reflecting on your own attitude . I swear what u've said was exactly as what u did. 

I admit so many things has changed from A-Z, emotion, attitude, friends, surroundings and stuff.  Wasn't even expecting all these things can happen since the first place and I was shocked when it does happened . I distanced myself from people who used to be so close to me after knowing their true colours . It wasn't easy . We did tried to make up for several times but it doesn't turned out well. So I decide to just follow the flow, if she being nice to me, I'll be nice to her but if she did the other way around I'll definitely do the same thing. It was very painful seeing people changed from the first place . You have no idea why are they treating you so different and bad. And when you realized you don't deserved that kind of attitude and tried to back off and distancing yourself, then they started to accused and assumed that we were the one who starts everything and keep blaming us. Do you people think it was fair ?

Dear friend, if u ever read this, I'm sorry to say that I can never treat you the same way i used to after all those things happened . I felt as if all this while I've been stabbed for a countless time without realizing it. Not to make things more complicated, but what's the point if physically I'm treating you nice but mentally we didn't ? I'm just guessing that everything happened is because of envy or even worst because of jealousy.

I thanked god for His blessings, showing me the way on how to differentiates in between who's good and who's bad, who deserves what they should deserve.  Sad to let few things go for this sem but in the end i knew that it all happened for good. 

To sum up everything, this semester did brought me lots of joys, new experiences, new friends and real people that deserved a space in my heart. teach me to be bolder and wise. Results for sem 4 is gonna be out for another 8 days. So obviously my next update is about my results . Stay tuned !